I adore and respect them and I feel really sad for them. Sometimes, I drag my atheist friends into religious discussions just to incite their inquisitiveness hoping that they might go home and search for God perhaps by merely googling for such a thing. I know for sure that Allah SWT’s help would be with them if they’ll just take one step ahead.

The other day, one of my colleagues, a mother of two, mentioned that she believes in a God, hereafter, and a heaven and hell; but, she’s just too busy to think about these things. Then, we started discussing this, and she atleast agreed that she’ll takeout half an hour daily from her schedule to think about just the purpose of this life. Later, I felt like I should have given her a copy of Quran, but I had only one at that time, and I decided to keep it. But I realized that I missed the opportunity.

Anyways, alhamdolillah, I just ordered (with a brother’s financial assistance) a set of ~70 Qurans. I don’t want to miss any other opportunities. Here is the thing. I am sure that if someone would offer me a free copy of bible, I won’t disrespect the book by trashing it.. I’ll read it and I’ll keep it as a reference. It doesn’t hurt for as long as your concept of Tawheed and Aqidah is strong. In the same way, if someone shows interest in Islam, I would love to offer him a copy of Quran right away and I’ll hope that he/she will keep it and skim through it (at least once). That’s the whole idea, so far my count is zero.. but I am hopeful.

Just think about it. How can one be a sincere friend of any non-muslim without inviting him to Islam atleast once? For me, sincerity is not saying a bunch of thanks and paying for a couple of meals.. we all know about the after-life and we all prepare for it.. so if you call someone a *friend*, shouldn’t you be ALWAYS trying to help him to prepare just like you do? i feel this guilt and hence, I advocate my expression.. Allah, the Exalted knows better.