I ask myself. I ask this almost twice a week. And, when I think about my answers over a longtime, I see choices. I see preferences. I see a port folio that tells me exactly how I lived by far. But yesterday, my answer was my impatience.. because I heard (in the following video) that it’s too beautiful up there, It’s eternal up there, and It’s life up there in its truest sense. No one made this up, Allah SWT said so numerous times.

Some of us plan, some of us plan big.. and the big plan entails a greed. A greed to get as much as possible.. So blessed are those who plan big of Jannah with the greed to reach the highest level. A level surely makes a difference.. it’s just about how much we know about it. So, I say that it’s very easy; it’s a give and take in our crap terms.. but we really don’t understand to the extent that we should!

Anyways, back to life =) the following lecture is a treasure of beautiful information and scholarly speculations about what we can expect to have in Jannah. Sheikh Anwar Awlaki has put it in a really excellent way by using impressive articulation.