A poem by a 17 year old sister!

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Taken from MuslimMatters (direct link):

What is happening to Muslims today?
Why are we imitating the western way?
Are we forgetting a crucial part of Islam,
Following the Prophet (alayhi  salaatu wassalaam)?

Although entertainment may bring about pleasure,
The Quran and Sunnah is what we should treasure.
What we commit to memory instead of ayaat and ahadith,
Are lyrics of songs that only weaken our belief.

When asked about Sahabah who struggled for this deen,
The response will be a shrug from many of the teens.
Biographies of singers and athletes fill their minds,
While daily adhkaar are sadly left behind.

Instead of preparing for our inevitable end,
We find ourselves spending endless hours with our friends.
Gossiping about celebrities and fellow kids at school,
Only so that we can be among the ‘cool’.

We find ourselves submitting to fashion and fame,
Instead of praising Allah with His glorious names.
Is it just me, or is the hijaab getting smaller?
Diets to get slimmer and high heels to look taller?

This ummah is in danger, and something must be done,
But first we must remember that as an ummah, we are one.
Like a single body undergoing trials and tests,
When one part feels the pain, it is felt throughout the rest.

Let’s go back in time to the seventh century,
And take examples from a people full of faith and purity.
The first Muslim generation knew divided they would fall,
So they stood together, may Allah be pleased with them all.

Abu Bakr al-Siddiq was the Prophet’s closest friend,
Supportive of his mission till the very end.

Umar bin Khattab was a companion strong and fierce,
But due to taqwa of Allah, he could not hold back his tears.

And Uthmaan bin Affaan would always give more than take,
So he was known to spend  in masses, solely for  Allah’s sake.

And there’s another who submitted when he was just a lad,
Unshakable faith was what Ali bin Abi Taalib had.

And let’s not forget Musab bin Umayr, Abu Dharr al Ghifari,
Abdullah bin Masood, Bilal and Abu Ayyub al Ansari.

Enemies of islam did what they could to stop the call,
But the Sahabah stood together like a firmly fixed brick wall.
The same can be said for Islam in modern days,
Being attacked from many angles, and in many different ways.

The media tries its best to make this way of life distorted,
Pointing fingers at those who try hard to support it.
So let us all unite and show the whole world that we’re bold,
And spread Islam and its teachings to people young and old.

Btw, my intention is to pay tribute to the sister by reposting it, so that more people should go through it inshallah =)


It’s never too late.


I’ve attended a number of religious talks, listened to numerous online lectures, read hundreds of Islamic articles, and have discussed religious matters with a number of friends and family members. But so far, I never made a serious try to formalize my knowledge about Islam. I know that there are different recitation styles and why they exist, but I can hardly name a few as of now. I have heard about the laws of inheritance in Islam, but I never felt a need to memorize them. I’ve been a victim of dispute of Halal vs Haraam food, but I never wanted to learn exactly what scholars refer to while justifying their stances. I roughly know about what distinguishes a sha’afi praying posture from a Hanafi one, but I never took out time to seek the actual sources of these.

Now, on the other hand, I know what makes Java better than C++ and exactly how to play with dates in php. I can write an SQL query that can exceed 50 lines, and I can extract out patterns out of implicit social networks. I can crawl content from user-content driven websites, and I can write complex code to analyze huge data sets.

So, I hope I am clear :>

I, and I must say that all of us, should strive to mark a balance between how much we learn for our Duniyah and how much we learn for our religion. I see Dawah as an essential constituent of every educated muslim’s daily routine; and, I have experienced that it takes much more than random-know-how of what’s been made obligatory and what’s not by Allah SWT to convince our fellow “enlightened-moderation” affectees. 😉

Anyways, the schedule is tough, the weekends are far worst than the weekdays, the bills are high, and the Satan skips no opportunities to play around with the thoughts [1, 2, 3]; but Inshallah, I will try harder from now onwards to be more attentive and focused in regard to what I should learn about my deen.

over and out.