The long pause was deliberate. Writing is addictive and sometimes we end up enlisting confessions that should have vanished .. perhaps, the key is to hold your horses; so, hold your pens, let the passage of time be at your service. Alhamdolillah, I graduated (masters degree) a couple of weeks ago. By Allah, every part of every endeavor I made by far was easy, very easy .. & by all means, I take it as a beginning. A beginning of a revitalized struggle to follow a true calling, an energetic devotion to a life of absolute servitude, and a passion to contribute with my abilities. I am not underestimating my experiences and successes, but I am not expecting things to soothe from now onwards. To be honest, there seems to be no stopping to this, and I like it as it is .. “easy” is boring :->

Inshallah, remember me in your prayers.


The Resume for Here, and the Hereafter.

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We all are in a sense managing to beautify two different resumes throughout our lifetimes.

The first resume, i.e. for the Here, adapts to various stages/aims of our lives with two of the foremost importance being the job-search-resume, and the spouse-search-resume (actually with my limited vision, I couldn’t think of any other :>).

The second resume, i.e. for the hereafter, goes above the level of worldly aims. It’s the one that we are preparing to strengthen our case when we would face Allah SWT. His decision on this resume would be final and unquestionable. Allah SWT would be the only one to decide on this resume, unlike all of our worldly resumes that we forward to numerous potential candidates (wives and companies). May Allah decide in favor of us all, and may we be blessed with the shadow of His Throne and Janat-ul-firdous, ameen.

Recently, Alhamdolillah, I added one item in each of my poor little resumes! For the job-search-resume, I was blessed and honored when one of my research works got accepted for publication in a prestigious journal, and presentation in a highly competitive conference; Alhamdolillah. I am also offered a decent grant to go and present the paper, and on my way, to visit Pakistan 🙂 I never deserved any part of it at all, .. may Allah SWT make it good for my deen. I was thinking but wasn’t sure about how much of this job-search-resume, I am supposed to copy-paste to my spouse-search-resume, but I really hate the idea. Anyways, these two documents should remain mutually exclusive (in my geek terms)!

Now for the ultimate resume-for-hereafter – I’ve memorized Surah Naba 😀 Yessssss! It took me a while, but it helped me to figure out my pace in this regard and I am making sure to continue to progress despite the stupid well-known ‘busy schedule’. I’ve already started Surah Naziat, which is apparently a little easier, Inshallah, I’ll keep up the pace.

That’s it :> asalamalaikum.

It’s never too late.


I’ve attended a number of religious talks, listened to numerous online lectures, read hundreds of Islamic articles, and have discussed religious matters with a number of friends and family members. But so far, I never made a serious try to formalize my knowledge about Islam. I know that there are different recitation styles and why they exist, but I can hardly name a few as of now. I have heard about the laws of inheritance in Islam, but I never felt a need to memorize them. I’ve been a victim of dispute of Halal vs Haraam food, but I never wanted to learn exactly what scholars refer to while justifying their stances. I roughly know about what distinguishes a sha’afi praying posture from a Hanafi one, but I never took out time to seek the actual sources of these.

Now, on the other hand, I know what makes Java better than C++ and exactly how to play with dates in php. I can write an SQL query that can exceed 50 lines, and I can extract out patterns out of implicit social networks. I can crawl content from user-content driven websites, and I can write complex code to analyze huge data sets.

So, I hope I am clear :>

I, and I must say that all of us, should strive to mark a balance between how much we learn for our Duniyah and how much we learn for our religion. I see Dawah as an essential constituent of every educated muslim’s daily routine; and, I have experienced that it takes much more than random-know-how of what’s been made obligatory and what’s not by Allah SWT to convince our fellow “enlightened-moderation” affectees. 😉

Anyways, the schedule is tough, the weekends are far worst than the weekdays, the bills are high, and the Satan skips no opportunities to play around with the thoughts [1, 2, 3]; but Inshallah, I will try harder from now onwards to be more attentive and focused in regard to what I should learn about my deen.

over and out.