Done with academics Period

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  • Twenty four years of examinations, Alhamdolillah, & I am done now.
  • It’s about time to step into the new phase of my life.
  • I am prepared and I am satisfied; I am blessed by all means, Alhamdolillah.
  • I just can’t stop thanking Allah SWT for everything that has been happening around me, with me, for me.

But, there’s always something that keeps me from being ‘absolute’ happy.. I don’t feel like home anywhere. I get suggestions to visit the parents back home, but I am sure that it’s going to add more weight to this melancholy (I wished never to use this word). There are few thing I can talk about though.

I do not ‘party’. Not that I don’t want to, but I just don’t want to damage my Imaan by becoming a part of some celebration that goes beyond the limits set by Allah SWT for Muslims. Now when I do this, I make a whole bunch of people angry at me. And, the situation turns worst when I try to justify the cause of my decisions. Then, I also try my level best to stay away from movies and music. Not that it’s all not attractive to me, but because I don’t want to witness the kissing scenes in transformers2 with no shame and pretend that I didn’t see it. I am a man and I am not kid enough to shade my eyes when 18+ stuff happens. So, I have two options: either I enjoy my Isha prayer; or, I feel the guilt while praying it at 1:00 am because I went to theater and then wasted some time in talking rubbish at starbucks. And finally, I put a period on all discussions that lead to obscenity. So, I lost the ‘fun’ part of my old friends, I lost my friends.

So, I am alone, perhaps by purpose. If good comes, I’ll take it. For all else, I hold up on myself. I’ll force myself to hate that which is not in compliance with The Instruction Set.  I’ll prefer the patience over the useless laugh-out-louds. I’ll wait, Inshallah :>


“Allah favors those who nag in supplications”


The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: “Allah favors those who nag in supplications”, referring to those who never tire of repeating their supplications over and over again. SubhanAllah! Allah is Great, & for sure, nothing’s more beautiful than meeting Him and nothing is more pleasant than the moments when we praise Him. The following video, may Allah SWT bless the speaker (Brother Belal Assad), while listening to it, I could not continue without tears.

Don’t Be Sad by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

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Yess.. this book is by all means a pearl of happiness for muslims (both genders)!

I haven’t finished it deliberately.. because the author (may Allah bless him) has induced in the book’s pages such beautiful words that I don’t want to consume all of them at once! The best time for me to open this book is when I am depressed, angry, sad or just feeling isolated.. and guess what I either close this book with a big smile on my face or tears in my eyes for not being enough thankful to Allah Azzawajall – take my challenge, there is no way for a true muslim to read even a single page of this piece of work.. and find nothing that would make him happy and satisfied.

The magic of the book is that it feels like everything that he is talking about is a direct commentary of your life’s circumstances.. and perhaps, this goes with anyone independent of his age, sex, character, and as I came to know, his religion (because the books is very popular among non-muslims too).

I strongly recommend this book to everyone despite of whatsoever he/she thinks about his life’s circumstances. It’s different and trust me, it’s far more thought-provoking that Dan Brown’s cryptic tales and more interesting than all harry potters combined.. the only condition is that you should be absolutely optimistic that reading this book will literally help you in focusing on the righteous perspectives of this little life.

Alhamdolillah, it has around 470 pages, but I haven’t read more than 75-80 pages.. and I feel like it’s already an overwhelming list of advises that definitely changed my perspectives on the way I used to think about things around me!

By the way, I’ve got the Ebook. I’ll be glad to share it with anyone interested. I am desperately looking for (easy) ajar 😉