The preparation for submission

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“One last bug and you’re almost done, keep pushing.” .. that’s what I was whispering to myself minutes before the time for salat-ul-jumah. I wanted to be there not even a second before the khutbah was scheduled. Anyways, I found a spot in the fourth row right behind the section dedicated for the elderly with chairs prearranged for their convenience.

La Tahzin, or don’t be sad, was the subject of the khutbah today .. but I wasn’t upset about anything, so the khateeb failed to grab my absolute attention, unfortunate was me. While scratching the carpet, I kept on wondering if the uncle sitting on the chair right in front of me really needs a chair.. he seemed all fit, the morning-jog type, no kidding!

So, moments after passing my judgement on him, I pushed in another victim in my stack of potential judge-able culprits. Surprisingly this time, right next to the healthy uncle is this white american “dude”! The most distinguishing feature about him – the sparkling earring. He was calm, and patiently listening to the khateeb. His body language was a true depiction of his infallible respect for everyone of us around him. I wasn’t the first to notice him.. uncles felt no fear to make an eye to eye contact, an expression of curious awe.

So anyways, “Smile is a Sadaqa”.. brought me back to attend to what was more important.

But honestly, nothing I mentioned by far is relevant to what encouraged me to share this experience. This brother (inshallah, soon-to-be Muslim if not one) did something really amazing that humbled me and triggered another serious iteration of introspection. We noticed that he didn’t stand up to pray with us, but I could see that he knew this upcoming activity to be a very sacred thingy. In fact, what he did while we were praying was even more inspirational and beautiful. He bowed his head to a max of 30 degrees when we went down for sujoods and rukooh, and he repeated it!

It was truly amazing to witness someone just beginning the preparation for submission to Allah, the Exalted. This person despite all the fitnah around him in a society where he probably grew up, decided to submit himself. This soul was ready for the eternal submission. It takes enough courage, and a lot of us born-muslims don’t realize it. And subhanallah, that’s when it hit me that I never had one such day. I never decided to submit, I was born in submission. Islam is one of the few things I took for granted.

There is no lesson to be extracted out of this post, enough of that. But I’ll post a warning here. In any of the non-muslim countries, we’ve an opportunity to give dawah. The way we walk, dress, talk, and behave is the least we can do. Don’t underestimate it and don’t assume that it’s optional – hence, a warning, wallahu’alam.

The Prophet Muhammad صلّى الله عليه و سلّم said, “How can I relax when the bearer of the Soor (horn/trumpet) has put the Soor to his lips and tilted his forehead, listening and waiting for the command to blow it?” The Muslims asked, “O Messenger of Allah! What should we say?” He (saws) said, “Say Allah is Sufficient for us and He is the best Disposer of affairs, we put our trust in Allah, our Lord.” – [Al-Tirmidhi]

The Prophet Muhammad صلّى الله عليه و سلّم said: “A servant of God will remain standing on the Day of Judgment until he is questioned about his (time on earth) and how he used it; about his knowledge and how he utilized it; about his wealth and from where he acquired it and in what (activities) he spent it; and about his body and how he used it.” – [Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 148]


My Dawah Chronicles

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Once upon a time, I learned a hadeeth. It’s all authentic, it’s as simple as it could be .. but I decided to witness a rampage – I decided to convey it!

Me: Bros, today I learned a hadeeth, alhamdolillah, praise be to Allah. Documented by yyy, narrated by xxx, Prophet Muhammad PBUH once said so and so about hoor al-ayn .. [interrupted]
F1: what? did you just utter the word “hoor” .. [LOL], what’s up with you? man, you should get married .. you should stop thinking too much about [quote]such things[unquote] [LOL by everyone else]
Me: Hey, let me complete.. please?! [still calm]
F2: Ok shout it out..
Me: So Prophet Muhammad PBUH said .. .. will be given to a person who’ll do certain good deeds.
F1: That reminds me of a joke.. once upon a time..
[successfully ignored me]
F3: Ok, so what’s your point? huh!

The other day, I learned a hadeeth. It’s all authentic, it’s as simple as it could be .. but I decided to go on a war – I decided to convey it!

Me: Brothers, I learned a hadeeth today, It scared the hell out of me. Documented by xxx, narrated by yyy, Prophet Muhammad PBUH once told his companions a man who involve in .. pride/hypocrisy/backbiting .. will not even smell Jannah .. will be thrown in hell fire .. will regret unlike anything .. will face grievous torment in grave ..
F1: Hmm, wait a minute, are you sure you heard it right? I don’t think so.
Me: Yes, I can get you the source..
F1: I still doubt it.
Me: Doubt what?
F1: Nothing leave it..
F2: You never know who’s a hypocrite, and who’s not. You should not blame someone, that’s the problem of our society, we only advise, while we never act on our own advices. Islam is a religion of peace. One should pray, fast, and give out poor due, and enjoy life.. why do you always sound threatening? don’t you have something else to do. This reminds me of a story.. once upon a time, we had a friend
[quote]JUST LIKE YOU[unquote] ..
[absolutely lost]
F1 : So true, you’ve a strong point [about F2’s advise]
F3: What’s your point? huh!

SubhanAllah, where is the respect for the words of Prophet Muhammad PBUH? Where is the seriousness? I just wonder if we’ll have the guts to show such disregard in the company of companions like Umar RA, he’ll surely straighten it out in a matter of moments.. if only we know. May Allah SWT guide us and may He make the Day of Judgement the best day of our lives.

Brother Nouman Ali Khan’s advices to youth


Yesterday, I was part of a sleepover with a huge number of muslim brothers and Alhamdolillah, it was an overwhelming experience. Something new for me was to hear fellow brothers chanting “Allah hu Akbar” after scoring a soccer goal, or after sniping out a red team member on some xbox game!

Anyways, the guest was Brother Nouman Ali Khan. I knew him but met for the first time. He was a silent, simple dressed, and a decent person. Like many, I had a glimpse at him when he entered the facility and my eyes chased him until he asked for a basketball and intermingled with the players around.

He led our Isha prayer and his recitation was soothing not only for ears, but for all of our hearts for sure. Following the prayers, we gathered around him, and the humble young sheikh sat in the center, and started his fun-oriented dawah session. His didn’t talk about his work; instead, he took advantage of the youth’s gathering, and talked about its responsibilities. Following are few excerpts I remember:

  1. Spend as much time as possible with elderly people (parents being of foremost importance), and learn from their experiences. The best place to find such elder people is a Masjid.
  2. The classic – choose you friends wisely! Outnumber your bad acquaintances with good practicing muslim brothers. Don’t think that you can improve you bad friends by living amongst them on a daily basis, chances are, that they’ll demote you and your taqwah eventually.
  3. Don’t say that I am bored. Because, it means that you think you don’t have much to do in your life. But being a muslim, we can’t be free enough from our responsibilites (dawah, salah, reading, and doing best to attain a higher level in Jannah, etc.) to get ‘bored’.
  4. You can live without facebook, and text messages. Come out of this loop, and think about what this technology has done to you and your thought process. Try your best to meet people face to face instead of posting messages on their walls. He left facebook because he received requests like “Sister xyz wants to be your friend”.
  5. If you don’t have a beard, then you can do a better job of doing Dawah to people who won’t even look at the faces of beard scholarly men (for advice or knowledge about islam).
  6. Try to drag your discussions (with your fellow non-muslim & muslim friends) in a way that you can convey the stance of Islam on matters of life. Jump into discussions if you see such an opportunity, and never hesitate to say what must be known by them.
  7. Islam needs not to be defensive. Let not people ask you questions about things that they misunderstand about Islam. Smash questions on them about the apparent fallacies in their societies, pinpoint the issues, and present the solutions. Leave them with a big question mark.
  8. Be responsible, you surely have a responsibility. Read more and more of Quran, and use this knowledge to answers questions about your faith.
  9. Don’t give yourself time to be alone. The worst that you can do to yourself is to make room for idleness, which usually ends up in you comitting something that you shouldn’t have. So, the idea is to find activities, and always staying in some good company. One alternative is sports! Go out, and play something with your friends. Indulge in physical activities.
  10. If you have to, then prefer gaming over useless internet browsing because internet is ‘open’ and you have your limits. But gaming itself has to be limited as something that should follow constructive activities. For example, an hour of gaming following by few hours of group study.

That’s it. There was more, but I can’t recall it all.. I am hungry (& single) 😀

I ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT if I misquoted anything on behalf of Brother Nauman; may Allah SWT bless him with the best of this world and hereafter.

Jak. Asalamalaikum.

my (non-muslim) friends..

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I adore and respect them and I feel really sad for them. Sometimes, I drag my atheist friends into religious discussions just to incite their inquisitiveness hoping that they might go home and search for God perhaps by merely googling for such a thing. I know for sure that Allah SWT’s help would be with them if they’ll just take one step ahead.

The other day, one of my colleagues, a mother of two, mentioned that she believes in a God, hereafter, and a heaven and hell; but, she’s just too busy to think about these things. Then, we started discussing this, and she atleast agreed that she’ll takeout half an hour daily from her schedule to think about just the purpose of this life. Later, I felt like I should have given her a copy of Quran, but I had only one at that time, and I decided to keep it. But I realized that I missed the opportunity.

Anyways, alhamdolillah, I just ordered (with a brother’s financial assistance) a set of ~70 Qurans. I don’t want to miss any other opportunities. Here is the thing. I am sure that if someone would offer me a free copy of bible, I won’t disrespect the book by trashing it.. I’ll read it and I’ll keep it as a reference. It doesn’t hurt for as long as your concept of Tawheed and Aqidah is strong. In the same way, if someone shows interest in Islam, I would love to offer him a copy of Quran right away and I’ll hope that he/she will keep it and skim through it (at least once). That’s the whole idea, so far my count is zero.. but I am hopeful.

Just think about it. How can one be a sincere friend of any non-muslim without inviting him to Islam atleast once? For me, sincerity is not saying a bunch of thanks and paying for a couple of meals.. we all know about the after-life and we all prepare for it.. so if you call someone a *friend*, shouldn’t you be ALWAYS trying to help him to prepare just like you do? i feel this guilt and hence, I advocate my expression.. Allah, the Exalted knows better.