I’ve attended a number of religious talks, listened to numerous online lectures, read hundreds of Islamic articles, and have discussed religious matters with a number of friends and family members. But so far, I never made a serious try to formalize my knowledge about Islam. I know that there are different recitation styles and why they exist, but I can hardly name a few as of now. I have heard about the laws of inheritance in Islam, but I never felt a need to memorize them. I’ve been a victim of dispute of Halal vs Haraam food, but I never wanted to learn exactly what scholars refer to while justifying their stances. I roughly know about what distinguishes a sha’afi praying posture from a Hanafi one, but I never took out time to seek the actual sources of these.

Now, on the other hand, I know what makes Java better than C++ and exactly how to play with dates in php. I can write an SQL query that can exceed 50 lines, and I can extract out patterns out of implicit social networks. I can crawl content from user-content driven websites, and I can write complex code to analyze huge data sets.

So, I hope I am clear :>

I, and I must say that all of us, should strive to mark a balance between how much we learn for our Duniyah and how much we learn for our religion. I see Dawah as an essential constituent of every educated muslim’s daily routine; and, I have experienced that it takes much more than random-know-how of what’s been made obligatory and what’s not by Allah SWT to convince our fellow “enlightened-moderation” affectees. 😉

Anyways, the schedule is tough, the weekends are far worst than the weekdays, the bills are high, and the Satan skips no opportunities to play around with the thoughts [1, 2, 3]; but Inshallah, I will try harder from now onwards to be more attentive and focused in regard to what I should learn about my deen.

over and out.