The long pause was deliberate. Writing is addictive and sometimes we end up enlisting confessions that should have vanished .. perhaps, the key is to hold your horses; so, hold your pens, let the passage of time be at your service. Alhamdolillah, I graduated (masters degree) a couple of weeks ago. By Allah, every part of every endeavor I made by far was easy, very easy .. & by all means, I take it as a beginning. A beginning of a revitalized struggle to follow a true calling, an energetic devotion to a life of absolute servitude, and a passion to contribute with my abilities. I am not underestimating my experiences and successes, but I am not expecting things to soothe from now onwards. To be honest, there seems to be no stopping to this, and I like it as it is .. “easy” is boring :->

Inshallah, remember me in your prayers.


Got Hired!


Yes, alhamdolillah! And guess what, the offer is far, far better than I the one I rejected earlier – alhamdolillah, I had no confirmation from anywhere when I took that step, “Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Âlamîn.”

So, here’s the deal:

  • Company Open Source Software Development.
  • People My team lead is a Muslim, and religious obligations are highly respected.
  • It’s a startup Immense learning!
  • Location 15 minutes drive from my place, 10 minutes from the mosque, and 11 minutes from my sister’s place (I get food from her!)
  • Pay Can’t be any better, alhamdolillah..
  • Perks A Macbook Pro to start with! ;-]
  • Start date Tomorrow, i.e. the second day of Eid.. a direct gift from Allah SWT :->

I seek refuge in Allah SWT from the whispers of Shayateen, the wandering thoughts, the pride in all of its forms, anxiety, and incompetence. Wa’salam.

p.s. SCW -> SW , SW -> S -> SW , SW -> S

Done with academics Period

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  • Twenty four years of examinations, Alhamdolillah, & I am done now.
  • It’s about time to step into the new phase of my life.
  • I am prepared and I am satisfied; I am blessed by all means, Alhamdolillah.
  • I just can’t stop thanking Allah SWT for everything that has been happening around me, with me, for me.

But, there’s always something that keeps me from being ‘absolute’ happy.. I don’t feel like home anywhere. I get suggestions to visit the parents back home, but I am sure that it’s going to add more weight to this melancholy (I wished never to use this word). There are few thing I can talk about though.

I do not ‘party’. Not that I don’t want to, but I just don’t want to damage my Imaan by becoming a part of some celebration that goes beyond the limits set by Allah SWT for Muslims. Now when I do this, I make a whole bunch of people angry at me. And, the situation turns worst when I try to justify the cause of my decisions. Then, I also try my level best to stay away from movies and music. Not that it’s all not attractive to me, but because I don’t want to witness the kissing scenes in transformers2 with no shame and pretend that I didn’t see it. I am a man and I am not kid enough to shade my eyes when 18+ stuff happens. So, I have two options: either I enjoy my Isha prayer; or, I feel the guilt while praying it at 1:00 am because I went to theater and then wasted some time in talking rubbish at starbucks. And finally, I put a period on all discussions that lead to obscenity. So, I lost the ‘fun’ part of my old friends, I lost my friends.

So, I am alone, perhaps by purpose. If good comes, I’ll take it. For all else, I hold up on myself. I’ll force myself to hate that which is not in compliance with The Instruction Set.  I’ll prefer the patience over the useless laugh-out-louds. I’ll wait, Inshallah :>

Being thankful

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Today was a special day.

What’s so special? nothing much, I just bought a car!
Where’s the achievement? My first car, Alhamdolillah.

But still, I’ll not remember this day primarily for that. I’ll remember this day forever to remind myself about the absolutely adorable and blessed people I have around me all time.

When I landed in USA, I used to hear stories and suggestions from people that I should stay away from tradational Muslim people and that I must get into friendship circles of white/black/local/native Americans who are going to be more helpful, cooperative and worthy of being around with. I was never comfortable with this idea. I’ve this problem, I am absolute straightforward and natural in my interactions. Now, to be around such people, if I have to change the way I really am, I wouldn’t survive. So, I couldn’t survive!

I am not being racist, but I am trying to make a case here: one should never choose friends to make some worldly use of them and if he or she cannot behave naturally with those friends. Still, I’ve all kind of friends, independent of religion, color, creed or nationality. I love intermingling with people and learn their perspectives about things around us.

But still, with the grace of Allah SWT, out of nowhere, I found some pearls from heaven living around me. To call them *just* friends is equivalent of disgracing them. They are the true brothers and sisters in faith who only know one definition of love i.e. love for the sake of Allah SWT.

When someone does a favor to you, you really want to do something helpful in return later on. But for somethings that people do to you, you just can’t thank them enough. There is just no way to say “I am grateful” and feel good about it. You miss something from the inside, you miss a satisfaction that perhaps you didn’t say enough “thanks” or that you didn’t show enough courtesy. Today, this happened again with me.. and as usual I felt the helplessness at it’s best when I came back after a long day with them to rest in my cute little room.. again all alone.

Anyways, I’ll summarize. From the depth of my heart, I’ll be eternally grateful for each word and every action of this beautiful little family that keeps me hopeful, cherished, and satisfied. If I’ll ever be able to be a part in helping them, I’ll start from giving up the best that I’ll have then. I do and I would forever pray for them with the most sincere good wishes.

What did I learn once more? the fact that if I can’t even thank a couple of fellows, how would it ever be possible for me to thank Allah SWT, besides other things, for giving me more opportunities  to live and ask for repentance? Allah-hu-Akbar!


p.s. SCW -> SW 🙂

My Numerical Status [1]

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As of 3:41 am. Thursday 29th January, 2009:

  • savings – 2979.93 😐
  • years on earth – 23.7 🙂
  • my stupid counter – 1297 😐
  • away from home since – 1.5 😦

Alhamdolillah, no matter whatsoever the numbers are, there is no life except the life of the hereafter! Praise be to ALLAH, THE ALL-COMPASSIONATE, ALL-MERCIFUL..

A father’s appreciation.

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There is nothing more satisfactory for a son when his father says, “Son, I am content with you.”
Now the thing is that my mom conveys this daily.. son i love you.. you are the best of all.. and it goes on 😀

But a father is a man, somewhat more straightforward.. so it’s more like “If I say it, I mean it.”
He made my day.

Alhamdolillah. I am grateful to Allah SWT for blessing me with the opportunity to pray for my parents!!