The long pause was deliberate. Writing is addictive and sometimes we end up enlisting confessions that should have vanished .. perhaps, the key is to hold your horses; so, hold your pens, let the passage of time be at your service. Alhamdolillah, I graduated (masters degree) a couple of weeks ago. By Allah, every part of every endeavor I made by far was easy, very easy .. & by all means, I take it as a beginning. A beginning of a revitalized struggle to follow a true calling, an energetic devotion to a life of absolute servitude, and a passion to contribute with my abilities. I am not underestimating my experiences and successes, but I am not expecting things to soothe from now onwards. To be honest, there seems to be no stopping to this, and I like it as it is .. “easy” is boring :->

Inshallah, remember me in your prayers.