Once upon a time, I learned a hadeeth. It’s all authentic, it’s as simple as it could be .. but I decided to witness a rampage – I decided to convey it!

Me: Bros, today I learned a hadeeth, alhamdolillah, praise be to Allah. Documented by yyy, narrated by xxx, Prophet Muhammad PBUH once said so and so about hoor al-ayn .. [interrupted]
F1: what? did you just utter the word “hoor” .. [LOL], what’s up with you? man, you should get married .. you should stop thinking too much about [quote]such things[unquote] [LOL by everyone else]
Me: Hey, let me complete.. please?! [still calm]
F2: Ok shout it out..
Me: So Prophet Muhammad PBUH said .. .. will be given to a person who’ll do certain good deeds.
F1: That reminds me of a joke.. once upon a time..
[successfully ignored me]
F3: Ok, so what’s your point? huh!

The other day, I learned a hadeeth. It’s all authentic, it’s as simple as it could be .. but I decided to go on a war – I decided to convey it!

Me: Brothers, I learned a hadeeth today, It scared the hell out of me. Documented by xxx, narrated by yyy, Prophet Muhammad PBUH once told his companions a man who involve in .. pride/hypocrisy/backbiting .. will not even smell Jannah .. will be thrown in hell fire .. will regret unlike anything .. will face grievous torment in grave ..
F1: Hmm, wait a minute, are you sure you heard it right? I don’t think so.
Me: Yes, I can get you the source..
F1: I still doubt it.
Me: Doubt what?
F1: Nothing leave it..
F2: You never know who’s a hypocrite, and who’s not. You should not blame someone, that’s the problem of our society, we only advise, while we never act on our own advices. Islam is a religion of peace. One should pray, fast, and give out poor due, and enjoy life.. why do you always sound threatening? don’t you have something else to do. This reminds me of a story.. once upon a time, we had a friend
[quote]JUST LIKE YOU[unquote] ..
[absolutely lost]
F1 : So true, you’ve a strong point [about F2’s advise]
F3: What’s your point? huh!

SubhanAllah, where is the respect for the words of Prophet Muhammad PBUH? Where is the seriousness? I just wonder if we’ll have the guts to show such disregard in the company of companions like Umar RA, he’ll surely straighten it out in a matter of moments.. if only we know. May Allah SWT guide us and may He make the Day of Judgement the best day of our lives.