Sometimes, you really desire to open up yourself and let go that miserable feel that haunts you. You try your best to find a trusted human being around you and it takes you mere minutes to say it all.. if you find someone. Nevertheless, [unfortunately] a very few of us have deciphered the code to communicate with Allah, the All-Knower and feel the intensity of this rendezvous at its best while in sujoods (prostrations).

I take pride for being one from the later group! It’s not a clear distinction because I too have my friends who have helped me along by merely listening to my crap stories and perspectives. But still, I know that Allah, the Exalted  knows more about me than I myself; I know that He listens to every word and He can make the best sense out of my conflicting prayers; and, I know that He owns the resolutions and that His mercy is boundless.

Where am I taking you with this? Nothing big – but just a personal account of what it takes to be patient, hopeful, submissive, humble, and funny 🙂

I was a muslim, I am a better muslim now, and I am striving to be a perfect muslim.

I am 23, studying computer science in USA, and I am (not actively) looking for the best of the best commodity of this world – a pious wife. I am a perfectionist, optimistically stubborn, definite down to earth, and struggling entity (from ER Diagrams). I learn and I move on. I aim big, and I defend it. I follow the Sunni Madhab and I respect and try to practice all four fiqhs.

Now the *most important* part – I have no intentions of marketing myself over this blog. As I said, I’ll be myself.. I’ll open up my thoughts crystal clear.. and I would not possibly reveal a lot about my whereabouts. I just intend to learn by perhaps whatever I am being suggested by my own writings.. let’s say retrospection through words. I hope it’s not a stupid idea.. :>

Inshallah, I will be much happier if someone would be able to learn anything from my unorganized and funny notes :>

Jazakallah Khair. Asalamalaikum.